Saturday, August 23, 2008


Everybody needs a good laugh now and then. We, at times, will go to great lengths to get a good laugh. People flock to read humorous blogs like Nitmos or The D just for a smile. We all make fun of the boss at work, I'll even degrade myself just for a laugh.

Go ahead, laugh! Someone has done a study that shows that 10-15 minutes of laughing burns about 50 calories. Anyone who has had a strained diaphragm knows how much the abs and core muscles are involved in laughing…so that’s exercise!

So, the other day, I stepped out of my normal routine and threw my wife a curveball. A spontaneous moment found me clicking "Purchase" on the flat screen at work. The result; tickets to go see Jim Gaffigan at the Midland Theatre in KC.

Please don't tell my boss I did this at work, she won't see the humor!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Looking ahead

Time for a rest? Time to work on my golf game rather than do long runs on the weekend?

I doubt.

While my golf game does need some serious work, I just can't seem to make myself take any time off from running. I'll still get in some golf, but running will probably continue to take precedence.

For the first time in awhile, I do not have any current race commitments. I do, however, have a couple target races in mind. In particular, I’m close to diving in and taking on my first 50K. The runs I’m considering are the Blue Springs 50/50, a certified trail run or the Dude, Where’s The Trail?, a non-competitive trail run where maps are given for you to figure the out course on your own. Hmmm….adventurous, I like that! Also, Dude, Where’s The Trail? is a month later (late Nov) and I’m thinking I may need the extra time to prepare. If anyone has any insight on either of these, please let me know your thoughts.

There is also the North Shore Trail run at Clinton Lake on Sept 6th that I plan to do. This is a Trail Nerds event, but is more like an organized trail run than a race. Where could you have more fun for only 8 bucks? It is a race day sign up only, so there is no commitment. I’ve never run out at Clinton Lake, so I’m looking forward to this.

Sue and I signed up today to volunteer for the KC Marathon. We will be course monitors, so you can rest assured, you will not get run over by a car when going through our intersection! Once I get specific info, I’ll let you know where we’ll be.

We’re also considering another trip to Chicago. I’m thinking I’d love to go the weekend of the Chicago Marathon. Maybe we’ll even volunteer there too, or just cheer on the runners as the course come through the Wrigleville area in miles 7-8. This trip would be without the faithful family dog, Ringo, allowing us to do more in the city. Sorry Alison, ‘The Boy’ does not want to come visit you.

The rest of this month will have me concentrating on Fantasy Football. Yes, I love fantasy sports and football is the best. This time of year I’m bombarded with email updates, magazine articles and spreadsheets, all in the quest to win bragging rights for another year (and the possibility of some nice sized wads of cash.) Beating out 3-time Super Bowl Champion, ‘The D’, is always tough. Did I get that right, D?

Oh, and Alison: Here's a fact

I'm the Wiz

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chicago Distance Classic

Let me first off say, "I LOVE CHICAGO!"

I ran this race for 2 reasons;

1. My daughter, Alison, just moved to Chicago and I wanted to run a race with her
2. I waited too long and the Chicago Marathon was already filled

I'm not going to spend a lot of time with this post; instead, I'll just add lots of pictures. It's a typical big city race, crowded, but well organized. The course runs from downtown along Lakeshore Dr, then turns back and runs up the bike/jogging trail right along the lake. Nice, but I'd actually prefer to run through the unique neighborhoods.

We were running well, hoping to finish around 2 hours. One of us, of whom I shall not refer to by name, had a battle going on between the stomach and breakfast, which consisted of the 'Vegan Take-a-Hike Scone,' from the local organic bakery. The scone and it's fibrous content won the battle, costing us a good 5 minute bathroom stop. Perhaps the concoction might be more aptly named the 'Take-a-Sh.....oh, never mind!

By the way, I am not a vegetarian.

Final time, 2:10:58. Respectable.

Alison's new apartment, the lower floor of this 4-story home in the Lakeview/Wrigleyville area

My favorite tavern, O'Donovans, right on the corner of her street. Great food!


I think they belive this year

Alison, myself and Ringo
If I were to be a Chicago sports fan, I'd definitely be a Cubs fan.
What a great atmosphere around the whole area!

Sue and Alison in the Chicago Skyline

Look, there I am, sporting my Trail Nerds bandana
as we head near the finish line.

We pose in Grant Park for a picture

Now, who could resist this? Not me

Nothing like a fresh Stiegls Marzen after a long hard run.

This lager has a pale yellow-gold hue. Toasty and bready aromas
follow through on a medium-bodied palate with soft malty
flavors and a hint of spicy and bitter hops on the finish. Delicious.